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How to Increase Your Revenue with Managed Mobility Services (MMS) - Part 3 of 3

Posted by Chris Maggio on November 16, 2016 7:26 am

How to Increase Your Revenue with Managed Mobility Services

Part 3 of 3: Where’s the Money?

In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we described Managed Mobility Services (MMS), the ever increasing demand for it, the value proposition for your enterprise customers, and what differentiates Wireless Analytics as a provider. So now… How can you turn your partnership with Wireless Analytics into meaningful revenue for your company?

Let’s start with what customers to engage. The highest demand for MMS is with customers that have 500+ employees or 300+ wireless devices (whether corporate-liable or BYOD) – in any vertical market. Since MMS streamlines business processes across IT, Finance, HR, and Procurement, it is recommended that discussions begin at an executive level within those functional groups. Be cautious in your approach when talking with a lower-level individual or team that could perceive an outsourced MMS provider as a replacement for what they do for the company.

Key questions to ask your prospects:

  • How are you involved in managing mobile devices today?
  • Is your mobility environment managed internally or by an external resource?
  • How many mobile devices do you have? (Do you know?)
  • Do you allocate device spend by usage to individual cost centers?
  • Do you have users outside the US?
  • How are usage and device procurement policies enforced?
  • How are mobile end-users supported?

A matrix of qualifying questions for different functional groups is available online through your master agent. Check it out.

Depending on the scope of work and volume of devices, Wireless Analytics’ monthly fees range from $3-10/device. And every bit of revenue from your customers is commissionable: monthly managed services fees as well as ALL one-time fees, including initial set-up and any future project-based work! Imagine your customer someday deploying a field solution that involves the procurement, kitting and distribution of 1,000 tablets. When they turn to Wireless Analytics as their trusted mobility expert to implement the project, you get commissioned.

Beyond our own fees, Wireless Analytics also makes it easy for you to capture carrier commissions on new activations and upgrades. In a full MMS engagement, wireless procurement (from a new employee phone to a large deployment as described above) is managed through Wireless Analytics’ workflows. Unless the carrier has restrictions on the account, we will establish an order fulfilment process that gets you carrier commissions – seriously, the most amount of money for the least amount of effort.

Your call to action:

  • Identify 1-3 of your customers that are a potential fit for MMS
  • Ask those customers a few questions to spark interest
  • Call or email Chris Maggio (contact info below) to receive your deal registration portal log-in information
  • Complete the short online form to register each opportunity
  • Schedule a 15 minute discovery call between the customer and Wireless Analytics

And that’s it! We will take it from there. You can engage in the sales cycle as much or as little as you desire. Our resources are aligned to close business for you.

Let’s get started! Contact Chris Maggio at 978-783-7474 or

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